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Reference materials for each of the four topics will be available in advance of the discussion groups.

Participants are encouraged to review the reference materials prior to participating in the discussion group or submitting written input.

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Topic 2 Reference Materials: Market Dynamics and the Lawyer Profession

Coming soon.

Topic 1 Reference Materials: The Need for Change

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Reference Materials for Topic 1 provide the following information:

  • Primer on the Purpose of Licensure
  • Overview of the Lawyer Licensing Process in Ontario
  • Licensing Process Statistics
  • Key Participants in Preparing Candidates for Entry to Practice
  • Canadian Law School Curricula
  • Process for Credentialing Individuals with Legal Training from Outside Canada
  • External Regulatory Oversight Over Lawyer Licensing Requirements
  • Lawyer Licensing Processes Across Canada
  • Federation of Law Societies – National Requirement – 2011

Topic 3 Reference Materials: Licensing Examinations: Assessment of Entry-level Competence (by Webcast)

Reference materials will be posted the week of May 15.

Topic 4 Reference Materials: Transitional Training

Reference materials will be posted the week of May 15.